dexterous, adroit, deft, handy mean having or showing readiness and skill in the use of one's hands, limbs, or body and may also imply physical or mental readiness or skill.
Dexterous implies expertness with consequent facility and agility in manipulation or movement

seized one corner of the blanket, and with a dexterous twist and throw unrolled it—C. G. D. Roberts


one of the most dexterous novelists now writing, with an enviable command of styles— Bellow

Adroit is only occasionally used with reference to physical skill. It more commonly implies resourcefulness or artfulness and ability to cope effectively or cleverly with situations; thus, an adroit fencer or an adroit magician is, by implication, not only dexterous in his manipulations but able to cope quickly and without bungling with every situation that arises

a daring but consummately adroit transference of conventions— Lowes

Deft stresses lightness, neatness, and sureness of touch or handling

a deft watch repairer


deft in every cunning, save the dealings of the sword— Morris


waltzed off with the prettiest girl, sliding, swinging, deftSinclair Lewis

Handy usually implies lack of formal or professional training but a degree of skill in doing small jobs (as of carpentry, plumbing, or repairing)

some men are what is known as "handy around the house." They can, if need be, fix a dripping faucet, plane off a door that sticks, put up a hook in the back hall— Rorick

It is sometimes applied to a jack-of-all-trades.
Analogous words: nimble, *agile: skilled, skillful, expert, masterly, adept, *proficient: *easy, effortless, smooth, facile
Antonyms: clumsy
Contrasted words: *awkward, maladroit, inept, gauche

New Dictionary of Synonyms. 2014.


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